The subtropical southwestern province of Guizhou is defined by limestone: local rivers are coloured a vivid blue-green by it; everywhere you look are weathered karst hills and collections of tall, sharp peaks.

However, despite appearances the province has only been slightly behind Chongqing in terms of growth in recent years with many referring to this as Guizhou’s own “great leap forward”. One of the sectors that has increased substantially is the “big data” sector. Apple, China Unicom, China telecom and China Mobile have all set up large data centers in the province. The China Daily estimates that this will bring 700,000 jobs to the province by 2020.

Like Yunnan, Guizhou also has rich mineral resources. The province is one of the main producers of tobacco and its output ranked second in the country, only after Yunnan. Tea products, vegetables and some exotic fruits are famous both at home and abroad.

西南地区的贵州省由石灰石定义:当地的河流由它染成青绿色: 青山不老,绿水长存 。







“After decades of steady growth, China’s previously least developed province has become one of the fastest growing. The driving force is political as well as economic: new leaders are working hard to attract investment, and experience in Eastern provinces as their growth model. “