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On the 28th of September (Monday), the British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China is organising the Education Roundtable Meeting at The Temple House. 中国西南英国商会将于9月28日(周一)于成都博舍酒店举办教育小组圆桌讨论会。 Education Focus Group Meetings are hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China twice every school semester in Chengdu. Attendees have fantastic opportunities to make […]

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The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) is delighted to announce that it has been awarded the status of Professional Development Qualification (PDQ) Center. This means that UNNC is now licensed by Cambridge International to deliver PDQs courses, and in fact is the first PDQ center in East Asia to be approved todeliver PDQs […]

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BritCham would like to congratulate Léman IB students for achieving high results on their tests. Well done! [July 10th 2020] — Students, teachers, parents and school community members at Léman International School Chengdu, are celebrating today thanks to students achieving exceptional results in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme for the […]

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Recent years have seen significant growth in the number of British schools in China. This webinar will have market overviews from the British Chamber and DIT before introductions from five British schools operating in different cities and at different stages of development, before answering to the following questions and more: […]

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成都墨尔文学校介绍 英国百年名校墨尔文学院授权,于2015年9月在中国开设了她第二家海外学校——成都墨尔文学校。随着新校园的落成,学校将学段延伸至K12一贯制教育,为2,000名学生提供走读和寄宿两种就读模式。新校园位于新津,靠近牧马山社区,依山傍水;毗邻高铁站和地铁站,交通便利,是高质学府办学的最佳地点。新校园占地约150亩,总建筑面积约9万平米。 Malvern College Chengdu Century-old Prestigious School Malvern College opened its second international campus in September 2015 in Chengdu. With the new campus in Xinjin County, Malvern College Chengdu will extend its education offering up to K12. The school, with both day and boarding options, can accommodate 2,000 students […]

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Dear members, with the challenges under the COVID-19 outbreak and cancellation of various international exams, the resilient grade 12 students of our chamber member Léman International School Chengdu have still received offers from top universities around the world such as Tsinghua University, University of Oxford, Imperial College London, The University of California, San […]

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思维导图笔记术Taking Minutes with Mind Mapping 中国西南英国商会在此诚挚地邀请您参加于4月3日本周五由英商会以及商会会员企业易迪思(中国)培训中心共同举办的思维导图笔记术(中文线上培训)。 We are sincerely to invite you to the online session of Taking Minutes with Mind Mapping (in Chinese) on this Friday, 3rd April 2020, jointly organised by British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China and Eddic Training Center (China). What is Mind Mapping? 思维导图(Mind Mapping)是一种全脑思考式思维的视觉表达形式,能够自由发散思维联想,并将各种想法、概念、信息、图示、数据进行分类组织连接,以类似神经元链接的方式呈现出来。展现出围绕一个核心主题的发散性思维以及各种思维之间的相互联系,清晰易懂,容易记忆。 Mind Mapping is an easy […]

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在这个非同寻常的特殊时期,英商会会员-成都威斯敏斯特学校(筹)通过微信推出一个英文播客(CWS 电台),支持孩子们在家继续接受教育。在每周一次的电台广播中,收听英语世界不可不学的希腊神话。 BritCham Member – Chengdu Westminster School launched a weekly podcasts through WeChat, which supports children continuing their education from home, giving the chance to children all across China to learn about Greek Mythology. 电台主播:雯雯老师 Pippa Ebel,雯雯老师,出生于英国,毕业于牛津大学英语文学和语言专业。Pippa在成都威斯敏斯特学校筹备组担任高级课程协调员。除了有一口标准纯正英式英语以外,Pippa还精通拉丁文、法语、中文,她用一年时间掌握了中文,有着非常熟练的双语双文化沟通能力。 Pippa Ebel, or Teacher Wen, graduated Oxford University with a degree in […]

成都威斯敏斯特学校:CWS 助学电台开播!CWS Podcasts: Epic Greek Myths

会员资讯 :  易迪思(中国)培训中心PPT 年终汇报培训商务英文邮件写作 The Eddic Training Center (China) is a leading provider of enterprise-level training services. Founded in 2003, Eddic currently has more than 800 instructors who focus on the enterprise-level training area. The company has served more than 3,500 companies with professional customized training solutions. 易迪思(中国)培训中心是中国领先的企业级培训服务供应商, 目前机构 拥有超过800多位合作讲师,专注于企业级培训领域。目前总累计已为超过3500余家企业 […]

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On Tuesday the 19th of November, the British Chamber of Commerce SW China along with Chengdu Gleneagles Hospital organised a first-aid training day for its members. Dr. Jerome Liew, an Australian trained qualified general practitioner began the day by discussing the basics Adult Basic Life Support which included an explanation […]

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On the 28th of November, the British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China is organising the Education Focus Group Meeting at UKCNCC. Make connections & create cooperation opportunities with other companies and organisations in the education sector Introduction to the newest members of our Education Focus Group Look ahead to all upcoming […]

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