China’s New Charity Law

It has been an eventful autumn for Chinese civil society. This September, China’s new Charity Law finally came into force. Within days, the Ministry of Civil Affairs had to organize two separate press conferences to clarify various aspects of the law that had been the subject of misunderstandings (see here and here). On the 5th of September China also celebrated its first Charity Day as stipulated by the new law, with various cities holding related events. Here at CDB we have translated an interview with the director of the China Philanthropy Research Institute on the impact which the Charity Law could have on the country’s philantropic sector (see here). We have also published a number of other news stories related to the law’s implementation (see here, here, here and here).

Still on the legal front, China’s overseas NGOs are currently gearing up for the implementation of the Overseas NGO Law next January. This month we offer you an original article on the problems foreign NGOs may face in obtaining legal status after the law comes into effect (see here), as well as some related news (see here). We have also drawn up a brief survey of the users of our website, in the hope that it can help us improve our work. You can find it here. If you could take a few minutes to fill in the survey, we would be very grateful for your support.