Chongqing customs adopts paperless clearance

This article was published on 8th of June 2018 in China Daily.

Chongqing’s customs office eliminated requirements for clearance paperwork at the beginning of this month, local media reported on June 7.

The nation’s General Administration of Customs (GAC) now allows enterprises to declare imported or exported goods digitally via internet platforms.

According to the official data, in 2017, Chongqing Customs processed 40,767 cross-border manifests for goods, with revenue totaling 23.71 billion yuan ($3.76 billion).

There were a total of 33,660 paper documents which took up considerable time and man power to process.

An official from Chongqing Customs said the new model avoids traditional paperwork by examining digital declaration forms and accompanying documents and certificates submitted by enterprises.

The simplified process will integrate various customs procedures, streamlining the clearance process and increasing logistics efficiency, he stressed.

This move will also optimize Chongqing municipality’s business environment and greatly benefit the free-trade industry in Liangjiang New Area.

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