Event Review | Projects Abroad China Briefing (17/07)

On Tuesday the 17th July 2018, Dragon Expeditions hosted foreign students from Projects Abroad, the British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China and an esteemed panel of guests, for an introductory briefing into conducting business in China. Ben Metcalf, General Manager of British Chamber of Commerce SW China, led the session, introducing first himself and the Chamber.

The session continued as a brief overview of Chinese history and cultural context, followed by understanding the rise of China. The formal section concluded with market analysis and business practice in China. The panel discussion and Q&A section of the briefing sparked interesting and heated debate between participants, passionately discussing and challenging the presented material.

 The panel of guests was comprised of:

Luo Yi- Vice Chairman- British Chamber of Commerce SW China

Kurt Macher- General Manager – The Temple House

Lorenzo Zarranz- Marketing and Development Manager- Sunway Kids

Additional input and expertise from:

Xiaomei – Operation Manager – Dragon Expeditions

Shuchin- Artistic Director – Dragon Expeditions

The collection of students representing Projects Abroad hailed from various countries, representing both Eastern and Western culture. As far reaching as Germany and Korea, this difference in ideology the catalyst, to what proved to be a stimulating topical debate. The session concluded with light refreshments provided by Dragon Expeditions. Many thanks to Xiaomei, Shuchin and the team and Dragon Expeditions for hosting the event.