Event Review | Projects Abroad Briefing (31/07)

On Tuesday the 31st July 2018, the British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China hosted Projects Abroad participants for an introductory briefing into conducting business in China. 

2018年7月31日,中国西南英国商会为参加Project Aboard夏令营的学生做了中国市场分析的说明会。

This session was led by Ben Metcalf, General Manager at the British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China and also Matthew Ryan who is the Director of Overseas Education Investment Management. 

这次说明会由中国西南英国商会总经理本杰明以及海外教育投资管理有限公司负责人Matthew Ryan主持。

The briefing provided an overview of Chinese history so that the participants were able to gain some insight to China’s immeasurably rich culture and story as one needs this information in order to be able to process the traditions which still permeate all aspects of Chinese business culture presently.  The formal section concluded with market analysis and business practice in China.


The presentation, which had often fuelled steady contributions from some of the participants themselves, was followed by a Q&A session. All in all, a successfully informative and engaging briefing!



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