The latest at The Temple House

Travel + Leisure 2018 | World’s Best Awards 

The Temple House is honoured to be awarded No.1 City Hotel in Asia and No.8 Top Hotels in the World for the second year running in Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards 2018.

漫旅 | 2018世界旅行奖

博舍再度荣获《漫旅》2018世界旅行奖 “亚洲十佳城市酒店”榜单之首,并晋升全球百强酒店第八名。

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Third Year | Anniversary

The Temple House celebrated its third anniversary on 18th July, 2018. To commemorate this milestone, it  hosted a circus themed anniversary which was all about new experiences, excitement and wonder.

三周年 | 纪念日


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Glamping In | The Temple House

A sumptuous tent was built in The Temple House’s Residences for both adults and their children to experience some glamping fun. The glamping package includes pizza making classes, a one hour Mandarin and English  class and cartoon screenings.

博舍 | 豪华露营套餐

博舍在其服务式住宅的阳台上搭建了豪华露营帐篷,让父母及孩子即便在城市的中心也可以享受露营的乐趣。成人及孩子可用在博舍香草花园采集的新鲜香草去制作美味披萨。 同时,孩子享有每日1小时的中英文语言练习时间。

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TIVANO | Tomato Welcome Dishes

From mid-August until the end of September, TIVANO will prepare delicious tomato appetisers complimentary for all guests. Let’s get tomato-ed this summer.

TIVANO意大利餐厅 | 番茄一夏


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