Sino-British Cultural Exchange Event

Sino-British Cultural Exchange Event

On May 19th a Sino-British Cultural Exchange, hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce, was held at Yu Cui Gardens.

After the registration process, the cultural exchange got into swing with a visit to Yu Cui Chinese Garden.

The owner of the Chinese Garden, Mr. Huo, then gave an introduction to the history of calligraphy and Chinese painting.

Before dinner, architect & urban designer Luo Yi shared knowledge on Chinese Gardens, followed by architect Kam Panesar discussing British Gardens.

We would like to thank Mr. Huo, the owner of Yu Cui Gardens and the speakers Kam & Luo Yi for sharing their knowledge on gardens from different cultures. We would also like the thank Urban Synthesis (UK) LTD in China for helping us deliver this event, and The Chengdu Culture Industry of Commerce & The Concord Member Club for assisting with promotion. Finally, a huge thank you to everybody that attended for making the event a success.

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