Supported Event | The Royal School of Needlework Workshop

We are delighted to invite you to attend an embroidery workshop on the 20th of July, jointly organised by the British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China and UKCNCC! Experience traditional European embroidery and discuss embroidery culture with instructors from the Royal School of Needlework


This event is part of a continued programme of promoting Sino-British cultural exchange, and will explore the the ‘creative culture of artisanal art’ and it’s role in facilitating the integration of Chinese and Western civilisations. As a historic and cultural capital, with a traditional embroidery heritage of it’s own, Chengdu is perfectly placed to bring together enthusiasts from around the globe and promote mutual learning, integration and cooperation. Each session will include a lecture by a guest speaker and a needlework practical with a senior tutor from the Royal School of Needlework(RSN).


Dr Susan- Kay Williams

Special guests

The Chief Executive of the Royal Academy of Embroidery since 2007, she has extensive experience in the fields of non-profit, education and the arts, and is a leader in the fields of art, textile colour, and embroidery. 


Sarah Smith

Senior professional hand-stitcher from the Royal Academy of Embroidery. As an RSN mentor, she is an active participant in the work of the UK’s elite private club committee and many high-end art projects. Sarah is dedicated to the re-innovation of traditional British embroidery, and her works are often invited to exhibit at the famous Philip Mould gallery in London.

莎拉·史密斯是一名来自英国皇家刺绣学院的资深专业手绣师。作为RSN导师她本人积极参与英国精英私人俱乐部委员会的相关工作及许多引人注目的高端艺术项目。Sarah致力于英国传统刺绣再创新,其作品经常受邀在伦敦著名的菲利普·摩尔德画廊(Philip Mould gallery)展出号

Event Details 活动细节


20th July; 7月20号

Morning session: 09:00am-12:45pm; 上午班:09:00-12:45

Afternoon session:14:00pm-17:45pm; 下午班:14:00-17:45

Address 地点

No.39 Tongfeng Road, Tongzilin, Wuhou District, International Community Neighborhood centre. 成都市武侯区桐梓林桐凤路39号-国际邻里中心

Tickets 票价

Members:330 RMB;会员:330元

Non-Members: 390 RMB;  非会员:390元

Please Note: The morning and afternoon classes have an identical programme; in order to maximise time with the tutors the classes will be kept to a small size. The cost of all the materials and resources that will be used in the workshop are included in the ticket price. 

请注意: 早上和下午的活动安排大致相同,为了最大化学员和导师在一起的时间,我们将班级控制在较小的规模,所有的材料花费都已包含在票价中。

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