Event Review|Andaman Experience Day

On 28 July, the British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China and Andaman Village co-hosted the “Andaman Experience Day”. Participants experienced a variety of activities using Andaman’s extensive outdoor venues.
7月28日,中国西南英国商会与安缇缦国际旅游度假村共同举办了“安缇缦体验日”活动, 在本次活动中,利用安缇缦丰富的户外活动场地,参与者们体验到了不同的活动乐趣。

Group photo

At the beginning of this activity, Ben Metcalf, the new Brand Director of Andaman, is telling us more about Andaman.
在活动开始时,安缇缦新的品牌总监 Ben Metcalf 为大家介绍安缇缦的具体情况。

During the event, Andaman’s Michelin star trained chefs supplied an abundance of excellent food for its participants.

Andaman not only has outdoor experiences for adults, but also has many facilities suitable for children. It is very suitable for a family to visit.

Andaman’s various outdoor activities have left us a deep impression and wonderful experience. Thank you Andaman for hosting this event for us.