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UKCNCC x Techcamp UK Launch Ceremony


Time: Saturday 10th August 14:00-16:00

时间:八月十日星期六 14:00-16:00

Location: The UK Culture Exchange Centre, Chengdu


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UKCNCC are inviting you to attend the launch ceremony for the 2020 Summer UK Techcamp, at The UK Culture Exchange Centre, Chengdu. 

UKCNCC 诚挚邀请您参加将在成都中英文化交流中心举办的2020英国青少年科技创新夏令营启动仪式。

During the event guests will learn about Techcamp UK and the Summer Programs that are held in the UK. Guests will have the opportunity to participate in a specially prepared demonstration class to experience high-quality content from Techcamp and gain a deeper understanding of the skills that students will attain.

活动期间, 嘉宾们将了解英国Techcamp和将于英国举办的系列暑期活动,并有机会参与由英国Techcamp特别准备的示范课以体验其高质量的编程课程内容, 加深对学生所需掌握技能的理解。

Agenda | 议程

14:00    Register & Networking |嘉宾答道和社交

14:20    Welcome Speech |欢迎致辞

14:25    Intro to UKCNCC | UKCNCC中英文化交流中心介绍 

14:30    Intro to Techcamp UK | Techcamp英国青少年科技创新营介绍

14:40    Overview of Summer Program |夏令营课程概述

14:50    Video of Techcamp (Chengdu) | 成都系列活动回顾

14:55    Demo class for parents |演示编程类课程

15:15    High Tea/ Networking |下午茶歇/ 社交 

Contact Details | 联系信息

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Contact | 联系人:Lynn | 韩潋:18215625917

Time:15th- 18th August, 2019 

时间:2019年8月15日 – 8月18日

Location:Andaman Village


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Andaman Village will be a key venue for the 2019 World Police and Fire Games. We will host the mountain biking challenge with international competitors together with a four day carnival to CELEBRATE!


On August 15th, to celebrate to World Police and Fire Games, all entry tickets to Andaman Village will be FREE! 


Click here for more information

Activity Schedule | 活动流程

10:00-10:30    入园签到/Arrival

10:00-17:00    狐巴巴集市/ Hubaba Bazaar

11:00-11:30    抖音舞/ Hubaba Performance

13:00-17:30    安缇缦嘉年华/ Andaman Carnival

13:00-14:30    水枪大战/ Water gun fight

14:30-15:30    彩虹跑-致敬消防员/ Color Run

15:30-17:00    自行车挑战赛/ Mountain Biking

17:00-17:30    谁是幸运儿?/ Lucky Draw

19:00-21:00    致敬-电影之夜/ Outdoor Movie