Member’s News | Shared Workplace from Urban Synthesis

Shared Workplace from Urban Synthesis

Fancy shared workspace from BritCham member – Urban Synthesis now is available to rent!

英商会会员 – 奥本辛斯建筑规划设计咨询机构 新办公室现有少量共享工位招租!

Shared Workplace

Rent will cover the following

  • Shared office area, meeting area, leisure & reading area, modeling area (Office material and 3D printing excluded), plus tea & coffee areas
  • Weekly cleaning service
  • Tea & coffee service; general drinks provided (coffee, black tea, green tea, juice, sugar etc.), appliances and cutlery (fridge, microwave, coffee machine, disinfection cabinet etc.), drinking water
  • Afternoon tea, including fresh fruit, snacks, biscuits etc.
  • Management fee (8.7 rmb/sqm, monthly pay), water & electricity fee, Internet fee, trash fee



  • 共享办公区、会议区、休闲区&阅读区、模型室(材料费和3D打印费用另计)、茶饮区
  • 每周一次保洁服务
  • 茶水间公用茶饮(雀巢咖啡、红茶、绿茶、果汁、方糖等)、茶水间电器和餐具(冰箱、微波炉、咖啡机、消毒柜等)、矿泉水
  • 下午茶(包括水果/小吃/小糕点等)
  • 物业费(园区按8.7元/平米.月收取)、水费、电费、网费、垃圾费

Address 地 址

Urban Synthesis

No. 7-8, West Area, Balou Bahao Designer Community

No. 127, Bisheng Road, Jinjiang District, Chengdu



Jinshi station of Metro Line 6 is 50 metres away from the office area (expected to open by the end of 2020)


Contacts 联系方式

Anneya Wang 133 5086