MinCEO 战略管理-竞争对手与竞品分析训练营

Distinguish Market Situation, Win Competitive Product Campaign


Why MinCEO战略管理 ?




Precise product positioning: Starting from market segmentation, find your target market, accurately position the products, and maximize the benefits

Teaching by professional instructors: Top3 consultant teacher in global subdivision field, 24+ years of practical experience in project management of party a, party b and party c, cross-industry, cross-functional department and cross-character companies

Reports come from practice: Through the output of each class, step by step, directly output competitive product analysis report

适合对象 Suitable object

  • 对经营环境、业务发展模式做战略发展规划的企业管理人员;
  • 企业市场部门:市场经理、市场营销、市场情报分析人员等;
  • 企业产品部门:产品经理、产品策划人员、产品需求分析人员、产品设计人员、运营人员等;
  • 希望突破原有禁锢,实现创新的研发人员
  • 希望跨界学习、开拓视野、提升产品技能的与产品相关的从业人员。
  1. Enterprise managers who make strategic development plans for the business environment and business development mode;
  2. Enterprise marketing department: marketing manager, marketing, market intelligence analyst, etc.
  3. Enterprise product department : product manager, product planners, product requirements analyst, product designers, operators
  4. The person who hopes to break through the original shackles and realize innovation
  5. Product-related practitioners who want to learn, broaden their horizons, and improve their product skills.

时间 WHEN: 1st June – 18th June 6月1日-6月18日 

地点 WHERE:Online 线上课程

价格 Price:RMB 899  

Language 语言: Chinese 中文

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010 8589 0861 or training@eddic.net 


Introduction to Eddic Training Center


易迪思结合 16 余年培训服务的经验,针对企业的管理实际,不断总结,形成了独具特色的培训课程体系和咨询辅导系统。易迪思每年服务客户超过 1000 家,每年开办的展示课、公开课、内训课超过 8000 场次,其中包括 300 余家全球 500 强的在华投资企业。

The Eddic Training Center (China) is a leading provider of enterprise-level training services. Founded in 2003, Eddic currently has more than 800 instructors who focus on enterprise-level training area. The company has served more than 3,500 companies with professional customized training solutions.

With more than 16 years of experience in training services, Eddic has continuously summarized the management practices of different companies and formed a unique training mechanism and consulting system. With more than 1,000 customers each year, Eddic offers more than 8,000 exhibition, open and in-house training courses each year. The customers of Eddic include more than 300 of the world’s top 500 companies in China.