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Sichuan Cohesion(Kuanxing) Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd.

is mainly engaged in the import of quality goods. The name of the company (Kuanxing) is taken from Zuo Zongtang’s famous saying:”Make the best wishes, tie the middle fate, and enjoy the lower blessings; choose the high place to stand, find the flat place to live, and walk towards to the wide place.” 

Cohesion’s core team members go to the Europe to find quality products.

Company mission

Cohesion is not only committed to providing customers with high-quality goods, but also looking forward to sharing the concept and way of quality life.




At present, Cohesion has represented:

  • nearly 30 products including 6 breweries
  • 1 whiskey distillery
  • 1 Gin distillery

All craft beers come from Belgium which is famous for its premium beers. Among 25 different flavors and styles, there are classic and award-winning beers from breweries over hundreds of years. Also, some new style craft beers from young breweries with much creativity. 


CuvéeDes Jacobins – Unique spontaneous fermentation beer from Belgium

Lambics beer can be only produced in the southwest of Brussel, which is fermented by wild yeast, and slowly fermented and ripened for several months or even years. Lambics beer is a complex beer with obvious sour taste.


Gruut – Brewed in the most traditional way

In addition, Cohesion brings Gruut beer that is using spices and herb instead of hop. In medieval Europe, the privilege of providing spices and herbs for beer making was called “Gruit privilege”. With the discovery and widespread use of hops, the formula for brewi ng with spices and herbs is unknown. Gruut brewery works with several universities to reproduce beer without hops.


Gin-Moon – Distilled with real moon meteorite

The Belgian handmade Gin-Moon is full of imagination and creativity. Inspired by the spirit of continuous exploration and development, the distiller adds real moon meteorite to the distillation process to bring unique taste and experience to Moon Gin. Both Moon Gin and Cherry Gin won many awards in international competitions.


Belgium Owl – Belgium’s best single malt whisky

The distillery is located at Hesbaye. It’s nearby Liège inBelgium, which is famous for the great queality of its ground water, and it’s also a water source protected by the Walloon government and the European Union. The expertise stars in the fields where spring barley is grown and let nature take its course, barley is only grown on any one field for one year in every four.The barley is grinded in its own mill and distilled by 2 stills from the Caperdonich distillery near the village of Rothes in Scotland, which are more than two centuries old. The distillery chooses their barrels with the same care they take with their entire production process and mature for a minimum of 3 years. The result is a complex, single malt whiskey filled with hints of their rich, local soil.



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