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Pagoda Membership

Pagoda Projects (InternChina) are continuing their journey to building the world’s largest and most inclusive work experience programme.

The next step on Pagoda Projects’ journey is to announce Pagoda Membership, where partners will gain exclusive access to the brightest students & recent graduates all year round as they continue to build the world’s largest and most inclusive global internship programme.

Pagoda Projects (InternChina)在建造世界上最大和最具包容性的全球实习计划的工作经验项目的旅途上继续前行。

旅程的下一站是宣布Pagoda会员制。随着Pagoda Projects 继续建立世界上最大,最具包容性的全球实习计划,他们的合作伙伴也将可以获得接触全年最杰出的学生和应届毕业生的独家权利。 

At a glance – what does membership offer?

  • Back-to-back remote interns on Pagoda Projects innovative remote programme, all year round
  • FREE graduate recruitment
  • Targeted marketing of your internships through email, job boards & LinkedIn campaigns
  • A dedicated account manager for a smooth and hassle-free hiring process
  • A tried-and-tested remote internship programme, managed by Pagoda’s international team
  • Interns fully supported by Pagoda Projects team
  • A great experience or your money back

简要 – 会员制提供给您什么?

  • 全年连续不断的远程实习生
  • 免费招聘应届毕业生
  • 通过电子邮件,职位公告板和LinkedIn活动对您的实习进行有针对性的营销
  •  Pagoda Projects 国际团队管理的经得住考验的远程实习计划
  • 专门的客户经理,可轻松顺利地进行招聘流程
  • Pagoda Projects 团队对实习生的全力支持
  • 完美体验或不满意退款

About  Pagoda Projects

“We are ambitious and passionate about developing positive international relations through the exchange of cultures, customs and foreign languages.”


Pagoda Projects have placed over 4000 interns in companies around the world since 2007, they partner with over 500 organizations globally and partner with numerous governments and institutions.

自2007年以来,Pagoda Projects  公司已为在世界各地的公司带去了了超过4000名实习生,与全球500多家组织合作,同时也与政府机关和各类机构建立了良好的合作关系。

Pagoda Projects aims to build the biggest & most inclusive global work experience programme. It employs teams of professional & approachable people, across 8 incredible destinations including 5 in Greater China.

Pagoda Projects 的目标是建立最大、最具包容性的全球工作经验项目。所雇佣的团队专业且平易近人的团队,办公室跨越8个令人惊叹的目的地,其中5个在大中华区。

* Pagoda Projects have been shortlisted for British Business Award 2020!

*  Pagoda Projects 已入围2020年英国商业大奖!

For all existing InternChina partners in-person interns working from your offices will continue to be offered completely free.

对于所有现有的InternChina合作伙伴,Pagoda Projects 将继续向您免费提供在场实习生。

For full additional information, programme videos, FAQs & pricing please visit Pagoda Projects‘ website.

详情或项目视频、常见问题或价格请访问 Pagoda Projects 的官方网站

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国内 – China; 


To find out more please add Liam Dempsey, on WeChat or email on the details below.

对加入会员感兴趣?有兴趣为 Pagoda Projects 的项目进行推广?请查看以下联系方式。

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