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Jade Learning house


Jade Learning House is Chengdu’s first Reggio Emilia inspired international kindergarten. Jade strives to empower and nurture the minds of young children through the creation of a developmentally appropriate environment that matches a child’s emotional, social, cognitive and physical needs.

Job description

During the initial probation period, the Marketing Director will hold the title of Marketing Manager. Once the probation has ended and the company board has agreed that the staff member meets the requirements of the Marketing Director position (as outlined below) the job title and salary will be updated in accordance with the contract.

Job requirements

  • Ensure the marketing targets are met in cooperation with all staff
  • Perform marketing and admissions administrative duties and related tasks
  • Organise and lead activities designed to promote the company programs and projects
  • Communicate openly and effectively with academic and other departments to ensure events and activities are collaborative and understood clearly by all that are involved
  • Collaborate with other companies, marketers and key influencers in the development, and expansion of Jade Learning House
  • Liaise with education institutes and potential parents in order to provide education information, timetables and solve any issues that may arise
  • Translate marketing and admissions documents from Chinese to English or English to Chinese and have them proofread by a foreign staff member before releasing outside of the company
  • Ensure all marketing and admissions documents and media are up to date, relevant and to the JLH standard before being released to parents or the general public
  • Arrange and oversee weekly marketing and admissions meetings with recorded, detailed, meeting minutes
  • Coordinate and arrange marketing meetings with Principals when meeting new companies
  • Manage and maintain a clean and organised work environment to meet the JLH standard
  • Establish and enforce rules for behaviour, policies, and procedures to maintain order among subordinates
  • Provide monthly reports to the JLH Board regarding the work and development during each month
  • Use initiative and experience to develop own work schedule without the need to be given tasks from senior management
  • Select, store, order, issue, and inventory company marketing and admissions equipment, materials, and supplies
  • Attend professional meetings, educational conferences, and teacher training workshops in order to maintain and improve professional competence
  • Occasionally attend networking events in order to expand the network and resources of JLH inside and outside of the work hours
  • Assist with all aspects of the daily office routine
  • Support other working required by the Principals or JLH Board




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