Event review | British day 2020

The 6th British Day was held in the East of Chengdu at the beautiful My Garden on 24th October where we were lucky to be blessed with some crisp British autumnal weather. Hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China, over 2,000 expats and local peoplegathered to enjoy the action packed family fun day to celebrate British culture! This year’s British Day also honoured the 20th anniversary of the British Consulate-General Chongqing.
上周六, 10月24日, 伴随着晚秋成都略微阴沉的天气 第六届成都英国日 活动在成都青白江区 我的田园 成功举办。不似往届在酷暑举办的英国日, 活动当天微凉多云凉爽的天气,恰好为今年的英国日活动增添格外的英伦风味。超过2000名中外人士聚首英国日, 享受了一场乐趣无穷的独具英式风格的户外家庭日活动!今年的英国日活动同时为庆祝英国驻重庆总领事馆成立20周年。

The day was jam packed with different games and educational activities for children, all of which were organized and carried out by our member companies and partners.

There were live performances on stage all day, including student performances from Malvern College Chengdu, Beanstalk International Bilingual School, World’s International Children’s House, UrKing Baby Centre, and Wow Baby Sensory – which were greatly appreciated by the audience. Whilst the magic and science show by Chengdu Liuyi Shanhai Cultural Communication also provided educational entertainment throughout the day.  

Some of Chengdu’s best local and international food vendors provided traditional English tucker, great beer and delicious barbecue, to keep us going all day long.

活动现场还有来自我们成都本地的一些特色餐厅,为大家提供了 英式美食、精酿啤酒以及美味的烧烤,为我们一整天的活动提供 了必需的能量。

We also can’t forget Chengdu Go Around Sports  who held a lucky draw, to choose 10 attendees from British Day, providing them with a paragliding course and hands-on experience.
 不得不提的是本次英国日的亮点 — 商会会员 成都迈步体育通过现场来宾报名抽出了十位幸运儿在英国日活动现场教学进行了斗伞体验。

Success in numbers!

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A huge thank you to My Garden, Malvern College Chengdu, SPGS International School Chengdu and Studio Hu for their sponsorship.

在此我们由衷的感谢本次英国日活动的赞助商我的田园, 成都墨尔文学校,成都高新区晟珀外籍人员子女学校以及成都糊画设计公司对本次活动的大力支持!

We also would like to thank all the families who attended the event, created this fun atmosphere and made this event a huge success; all of our vendors and volunteers for the hard work and dedication and of course special thanks to all of the little performers. We are already looking forward next year and hope to see you all there.


We’re now looking for key partners for next year, which will be held at the end of April!
If you are interested in being involved in the British Day 2021  and to avoid missing out, then please contact us now at Mavis Yang 86 183 8168 7332 or mavis.yang@britchamswchina.org
 我们正在寻找明年英国日活动的主要合作伙伴,明年英国日活动预计在4月末举行。如果您对加入2021 英国日活动感兴趣, 请联系商会工作人员 Mavis Yang 86 183 8168 7332 / mavis.yang@britchamswchina.org

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