Webinar: Export to China: Getting your Products to the Shelves and Protecting your IPR

Before starting exports to China, the seasoned export manager of an EU SME has to gather intelligence data about a number of issues paramount for success including topics like which sort of competition can you expect in China, where to search for market information regarding the category of the products, how to conduct a store check, know importers involved, and other aspects which if neglected often increase costs, cause unnecessary delays, or even worse lead to take wrong decisions.
Another crucial aspect that EU SMEs should pay attention to is making sure their Intellectual Property (IP) rights are protected in China. If intellectual property has not been protected in the Chinese jurisdiction, there is potential for major financial consequences as counterfeiting and other IP infringements still prevail in China. This webinar provides top-level expert advice on how to get your products safely to the shelves in China while also protecting your IP rights.

During the webinar you can expect:
• Information on what you need to know before starting to export to China
• Overview how to protect your main IP rights in China  
• Expert tips and watch-outs on how build a robust export strategy to China
• Various case studies

On Thursday, 23 March 2017 at 10:00AM CET the China IPR SME Helpdesk, the EU SME Centre and the Mechelen Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcome you to join the IP expert Dr. Toby Mak and the business development expert Mr. Rafael Jimenez for a webinar session entitled “Export to China: Getting your Products to the Shelves and Protecting your IPR” During this interactive and educational session we will provide expert insights, practical case studies and a live Q&A session!

Language: English

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