Event Review: Work Safety Seminar (Chongqing)

On the 2nd of March at the Italian Center the Italian & German Chamber of Commerce joined forces for the work safety seminar to give guests interested, an insight on the important factors about the Work Safety Law in the People’s Republic of China.

The spokesperson who the attendants had the pleasure of listening to was Mr. Matteo Zhi, Attorney at law from the D’Andrea & Partners Consulting Co., Ltd. who briefed everyone of the work safety importance.

All the attendants had a wonderful time listening to Mr. Matteo Zhi and engaged in conversations amongst eachother to learn from one another, to connect with the people with the same interest for work safety, that brought everyone to this seminar in the first place.

This event was a great succes, informing all the attendants interested in work safety in China. We would like to thank Mr. Matteo Zhi for an incredible speech, covering all the important factors of work safety in China. Also, we would like to thank the Italian Centre for hosting the event. 


If you wish to review the powerpoint of this seminar, please click here