Event Review: Hope Clubhouse

On the  12th of May, the British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China together with Hope Clubhouse organised the CSR programme introduction, showing the importance of CSR in community rehabilitation services for people recovering from mental illness. 


Professor Zhang Shusen, West China Hospital of Sichuan University, opened the  CSR programme and gave her insight on her experience  on the topic as the head of Hope Clubhouse.


Mr. Xu Zhihong, Operations Director at the Hilton Hotel shared his take on the opportunities Hope Clubhouse held, and his view on social responsibility.

Mr. Hu Qi, Senior HR and Administration manager at IFS  gave her  insight on working with Hope Clubhouse and  the progress they have made together.

Rui, shared his employment experience and the transition he has made over time with Hope Clubhouse.


Lastly, Hope Clubhouse was awarded several certificates by the participating companies who all value and appreciate Hope Clubhouse’s work.

The Hope Clubhouse CSR programme was an incredibly interesting event, shining light on  CSR by the unique programme helping  individuals recovering from mental illness at the Hope Clubhouse . We would like to thank and show our gratitude to Hope Clubhouse for making this event possible, and all the attendees for showing their interest in this amazing event.