Event Review: Mother’s Day

On the 16th of May, in support with Diamond Bay and ADI Sports, British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China organised the Mother’s Day FUNlympics 2017.
The day proved to be extremely active with families participating in a 3KM fun marathon,  with various team sports games and activities.  On this sunny day, everyone enjoyed a quality family  time while celebrating for mothers together. 

Anticipation mounting up as families line up for registration.

ADI Sports organizing a light warm up to make sure all participants were fighting fit for the competition ahead!

The cool down after the warm up: teams split into pairs and see who can catch the water balloon from the longest distance. A few soaked t-shirts!

 With  full excitement and energy, the fun marathon started.

The run was not easy, but we made it to the end!


The Perfect backdrop for an egg-and-spoon race. (Basketball and football dribbling too!)

Having a  Tug of War competition with the beautiful mountains behind.

Camera-ready. The last activity of the day: kayaking on the gorgeous lake.


Team Photo! A few tired faces from a wonderfully active day!

Happy mother’s day! A huge thank you to Diamond Bay for the truly spectacular venue, the lovely buffet in the evening and also ADI sports for providing the copious amounts of fun activities that we all enjoyed together on this special day.