Event Review: InternChina Business Briefing

On Friday 30th of June, the British Chamber Southwest China hosted a Panel Discussion about doing business in China with InternChina for a large group of young new interns in China. The event was held privately for InternChina at the modern CBRE offices in IFS at the hour of nine in the morning!

The event lasted through the morning until lunchtime and saw a vast plethora of interesting topics being discussed. The event was graced by the presence of Paul Yeandle of InternChina, Jordan Porter of Chengdu Food Tours and Ben Metcalf of the British Chamber of commerce southwest, who together formed the main panel. This does not mean however that they were the only three people talking however as, asides from the interns asking a variety of questions, other members of both the British Chamber and InternChina who had been living in china for a rather long time frequently interjected!

The event started with Ben Metcalf providing a (not very brief!) introduction to China and its culture based off its history and subsequent historical values. This history was paramount in explaining to the students the nature of Chinese philosophy and subsequently why the Chinese way of doing Business, the Chinese System and the Culture itself are so different to where the interns hailed from. After the interns had obtained a general feel for Chinese culture, the other two panellists joined to talk of their own experiences of doing business in a foreign land.

By the end of the discussion it was safe to say that all of the interns would have taken something useful away that will undoubtedly help them in future life.

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