Chamber news: New executive committee

On the 23rd of June we celebrated our 20th Anniversary alongside the Birthday of HRM Queen Elizabeth II and there is a full review of this monumental event below. The more serious part of this day however was the Annual General Meeting where our members voted for a new executive committee.  There were some greatly informative speeches as to new members’ pasts, who they are and what they think they can do to help the Chamber. The landscape here in the Southwest is continuing to look very positive, and the new committee shall certainly be instrumental in the development of us and our partners over the next year.

Whilst this is obviously a new Committee, a sense of continuity is provided by Richard Han, Roman Leung, Paul Yeandle and Zhang Yi who are retaining their previous roles. Meanwhile Mark Bancroft has become the Vice-Chairman, having been an Honorary Chair last term. Everyone at the chamber are thrilled to welcome 5 new committee members – Elaine Gao is our new treasurer, whilst Tao Zhai, Sharon Fraser, Matt Ryan and Rachel Zarranz are joining the committee as representatives. We are happy to say that we have every confidence that this new committee will continue to lead us down this successful road that we have trod for twenty years now, as the members of the new committee are leaders of their fields in Southwest China and we could not ask for better! Here’s to a great 2017/18