Event Review | China Business Briefing (19/06)

On 19th June 2018, the British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China organised an event to brief new interns from the UK about the etiquette and an analysis of doing business in China. This was an event in collaboration with InternChina in order to help the new interns, sponsored by the University of Sussex, gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to successfully navigate the commercial industries within China. 

This session was led by Ben Metcalf, General Manager at the British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China and also Matthew Ryan who is the Treasurer for the Chamber. The briefing provided an overview of Chinese history, albeit very brief, but enough so that the students were able to gain some insight to China’s immeasurably rich culture and story as one needs this information in order to be able to process the traditions which still permeate all aspects of Chinese business culture presently. 

The students were also able to understand more about the current Chinese political climate, its geography and the general customs which accompany the way in which people conduct business in China. Furthermore, audible gasps were heard in the room when students were faced with the extreme exponential statistics of Chinese development in the past few decades and the photographs which documented this transformation.

The presentation, which had often fuelled steady contributions from some of the interns themselves, was followed by a Q&A session. All in all, a successfully informative and engaging briefing!