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On Thursday the 24th of October, the Chengdu Autumn InterChamber Mixer will be held in Canopy by Hilton in the City Centre of Chengdu. This event is co-organised by British Chamber, AmCham, AustCham, European Chamber, German Chamber, Italian Chamber, CCI France Chine, SingCham and Hong Kong Chamber. 10月24日(星期四),成都秋季国际商会联合酒会活动将在成都市中心的成都领地希尔顿嘉悦里酒店的举行。该活动由英国商会,美国商会,澳大利亚商会,欧洲商会,德国商会,意大利商会,CCI法国分会,新加坡商会和香港商会共同举办。 At this […]

Upcoming Event | Chengdu Autumn InterChamber Mixer

On Friday the 20th of September the British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China hosted its first “UK Alumni Mixer” at The Temple House.  上周五,九月20号,由中国西南英国商会主办的首届留英校友会活动在成都博舍酒店成功举办。 Over 150 alumni of 24 UK universities from various degree disciplines got the chance to mingle over some drinks, enjoy themselves using some British-themed props and some […]

Event Review | UK Alumni Mixer