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课程受益 掌握职场高阶函数, 处理更为复杂的数据统计与分析; 掌握数据分析的相关工具,有效挖掘数据价值; 掌握数据看板制作方法,数据分析结果更全面、系统及高效; 掌握高阶商务图表类型的绘制,让数据传达形式更为新颖及多样化; Course Benefits  Master the higher-level functions to process more complex data statistics and analysis; Master the relevant tools of data analysis and find the value of data effectively; Master data table production methods, make data analysis results more comprehensive, systematic and efficient; Master the […]

Member’s Promotion | Eddic EXCEL进阶–EXCEL高效应用

时间:7月9日 9:00-16:30Time:9:00-16:30,9th July 价格:998元/位 | 会员价: 898元/位Fee:CNY998 per person | Member: CNY898 per person 培训介绍 我们从结构化思维到专业设计,通过系统化的学习及案例实践,助力您打磨出专业级的演示文稿。并结合咨询领域的行业特性,让课程的设计更有针对性。同时,掌握科学高效的制作方式,提高制作效率,实现事半功倍,并能达成演示设计要求。 INTRODUCTION From thinking to techniques, through systematic learning and practice of cases, we can help you polish professional level presentations.Master scientific and efficient production methods, improve production efficiency, and meet the requirements of needs. 培训收益 […]

Member’s Promotion | Eddic PPT Design and Processing (PPT专业设计及制作技巧提升)