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课程背景 互联网时代,线上会议成为异地工作中无法或缺的一种会议形式。然而开出一场成功的线下会议已经不容易了,再加上线上方式,缺少面对面沟通的“体感”,和技术可实现度的限制,更是困难重重。对于下面我要描述的情境,不知道你是否也要有共鸣:  “作为主持人,你每每发起提问,就换来电话那头的一片沉默” “电话里七嘴八舌,抓不住重点,做不了决策” “无法确定屏幕背后的成员是在听还是忙于手头其他工作” “等到开始执行,才发现会上信息并没有被完全理解” Training background The online meeting has become one kind of meeting forms that can’t or can’t be missed for remote working. However, it’s not easy to hold a successful online meeting which lack of face-to-face communication and the limited by technology challenges. We usually […]

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Join us at the BritCham SW Summer Drinks on 1st July 2020! Meet and socialise with the newly elected executive committee of BritCham SW as well as other BritCham members and friends.  We look forward to seeing you all on this summer’s evening in theJing Bar at The Temple House. 请加入我们将于7月1日举办的英商会夏季酒会, 迎接今年商会最新选举的董事委员会成员,同时和商会各会员以及新老朋友共聚畅谈。7月1日,成都博舍酒店 – 井吧,我们期待在本次社交活动上与您相聚! Event Details […]

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